All companies are subject to External and Internal threats described as Risks. The external risks can be a recession in the economy and the internal risks are associated with the managerial and the operational part of the company. Identifying and solving those risks helps the firm in:

  • Preventing the risks
  • Ease of Controlled Decision Making
  • Having a clear structure of the business
  • Support employee’s operations
  • Protect the company

Maitha Alzaabi Auditing can identify the risks associated with your company which prevents it from meeting its objectives, assess the risk in identifying how high it is to the company and when to resolve it, place controls to reduce or eliminate these risks, and monitor the risks on yearly basis.

We also advise organizations on how to better achieve their objectives by providing them with sound advice on operations, performance and internal controls; an assessment of whether the procedures adopted comply with the envisioned policies; and an assessment of whether best practices are being implemented throughout the organization.

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