Dubai Food and Beverage Audits

Dubai Food and Beverage Audits



The UAE is a market leader in the Middle East's food and beverage sector, and Dubai is the crown jewel for the "deliverution", or food delivery revolution taking place throughout the nation. While the food delivery segment is experiencing rapid growth, KPMG found that quick-service restaurants are vastly outpacing other types of dining establishments.

Whether your business offers dine-in or delivery, you must comply with local laws concerning food safety. There are incredibly steep penalties for violating federal food safety laws in the UAE, including misleading customers with inaccurate descriptions or labels. With the rise in food delivery services, this kind of misstep can go from delivering the wrong item by mistake to delivering items that could carry a AED 100,000 penalty. Establishments catering to Western clientele that lack proper permission to serve pork, alcohol, or their byproducts can face fines of AED 500,000 or greater plus a prison term.

Dubai has its own food safety department at the municipal level to enforce permits, certificates, and other documents needed for the restaurant industry as well as food-related import/export activity. The department has the authority to imprison anyone found dealing in adulterated, rotten or harmful foods for a minimum period of three months and can also impose a fine of up to two million Dirhams.

Inspections and an audit comprised of multiple parts are required in order to keep serving your customers. In addition to regulatory compliance with respect to food handling, operational efficiency of your restaurant can be assessed with a food and beverage audit.  


By hiring Maitha Alzaabi Auditing to conduct your food and beverage audit, you have the assurance that your reports will be impartial and accurate. Our consultants have the skills and experience in the food and beverage and hospitality sectors to be able to diligently handle all aspects of the audit process.

If you handle your food and beverage audit in-house, you run the risk of burdening your staff with complying with regulations they may not be familiar with. This is in addition to taking time away from their job duties, whereas an outsourced food and beverage consultant not only ensures operations are still running as planned, but you also benefit from their specialized knowledge and experience in this industry. An impartial third party can conduct the tasks necessary for the audit without causing your core staff members to neglect their duties or customers.


By working with our food services experts, you can have peace of mind that you have all of the correct licenses and permits in place, or know which ones you must apply for immediately. Subsequently, you can determine which activities must be curtailed to pass your inspection. However, our consultants can also assess areas where operational efficiency can be improved, such as your vendor relationships, kitchen design, marketing, and other aspects unique to the restaurant business. We can also provide information on industry norms and how your operations compare to the competition through benchmarking, which enables you to compare your business’ performance and processes with the best in the industry. Expert auditing also means better risk management as you are able to ensure greater accuracy in reporting.

If your Dubai based business has an impending inspection or requires a food and beverage audit, Maitha Alzaabi Auditing's hospitality industry experts can efficiently maintain your compliance with the law and determine how to make your business even more profitable.