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5 Expert Tips on Attracting More Customers to Your Business

5 Expert Tips on Attracting More Customers to Your Business


Business Tips

When your business is new in the market, you invest a lot of time and energy into trying to gain new customers and earn their trust. In the current age of information overload, we have to be strategic in our marketing, making sure that our efforts to advertise our services can be heard above the noise that at times characterises the digital space.

So, here are five top tips for ensuring that your marketing gets noticed by potential customers…

1. Get to know your audience really, really well.

First things first - don’t think of your potential customers as a homogenous market. Your business will draw in people with distinct personalities and needs, and it’s worth familiarizing yourself with their unique motivations in order to be able to reach out to them in a more meaningful manner.

Professional marketers have worked this form of audience research down to a science. Buyer personas define your customers in terms of demographics, behavioural patterns and interests. These profiles should inform how you target your marketing message for each buyer type. When your marketing has greater impact on potential customers, you are more likely to convert them into real buyers.

2. Provide value through your marketing.

Gone are the days of marketing that harps on and on about how amazing your product is. Nowadays, marketing is meant to be more than a sales pitch; instead, it aims to capture your audience’s attention by entertaining or informing them, thereby reaching out to them on a more personal level.

When your marketing is targeted, relevant and valuable, your business’s brand leaves a more positive impression of potential customers. This increases the likelihood of their conversion in the future.

3.Spend some (but not all!) marketing budget on social media.

You know that having a strong online presence is important for your business’s visibility, but do you know if your posts and photos are getting noticed? With social media algorithms in a constant state of flux, it’s difficult to determine whether your content is even reaching the desired audience organically.

A tried-and-tested method of mitigating this uncertainty is paying to advertise on social media.

4. Focus on visual content.

It goes without saying that social media lends better to visual content. With smartphone usage overtaking desktop computers, marketing is increasingly reliant on visual-heavy content, and videos are particularly popular. According to the inbound marketing experts at Hubspot, 72% of people like to learn about products and services through a video. This means that your potential customers are waiting to be wowed on Instagram and Facebook stories.  

5.Monitor your online reviews.

You might not think it, but a negative review on Yelp, Google Maps or Facebook can seriously threaten the reputation of your business - check out  How Risk Assessment and Management can Benefit your Business in Dubai. Similarly, a glowing review can be a boom for business.

Be sure to monitor what’s being said about your business on online forums and have a strategy in place to placate unhappy customers and reward appreciative ones.  

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